GitHub Repo importieren


To import repos from GitHub you have to install abapGit into your SAP system. You can find the instruction here to install abapGit.

Import Branch

  1. Click “+ Online” to start to import
  2. Copy and paste the link of the repo
  3. Choose the destination package
  4. Click “Select branch” to choose the branch
  5. Choose the branch which fits best to your SAP_BASIS release
  6. Click “Ok”
Click “Pull” to start importing the repo.
Repo ist successfully imported to your system.

Import repo of higher release

Be careful with importing a repo of a higer release, because in can end up with syntax error. If have imported a repo of a higher release and you get syntax error, you can import a repo of a repo which fits your system to solve the error.

Here you don’t see that the repo doesn’t fit to your system, but when you click “Pull” popup will display the minimum requirement.
Repo requires minimum SAP_BASIS 740PL08, but system is on PL4.
It is possible to continue with the import, but with the risk of having syntax error, so that the development is not working.